About Barioni Cues

Craftsmanship is a fine art, and for nearly a decade John Barioni has been perfecting the art of cue building. John has always had an interest in all things mechanical. As a child he would dismantle and then re- assemble lawn mowers, bicycles and by the age of twelve car engines. His thirst for knowledge led him to take every shop class available to him from woodworking to welding. Beginning in Jr. High and continuing to the present.

John has an impressive resume beginning with a successful 20 year business in Auto body and paint, having his work featured in Truckin magazine as well as the creation of the what is now known as the Barioni water rack. His artistic abilities, coupled with his experience are what qualify John as a top-notch cue builder.

All shafts are made from the finest, Hand Selected Hard Rock maple and turned over a minimum period of three years.

The forearm and butts are handcrafted from the most exotic, and finest, woods from around the world. The wood is aged for up to two years and is machined multiple times to ensure straightness.

The corked shaft: this innovative shaft construction process makes Barioni Cues one of the most consistent performing cue shafts in the world today. With minimal deflection the Barioni cue shaft is one of the most accurate tools ever built for the game of pool.

The perfect fit: Ask us how Barioni Custom Cues professionally hand-crafted pool cue line offers specific options that you will be able to find a cue perfect for you and your budget.

The attention to detail and the quality of the materials have always been foremost in Barioni Cues requirements. The cues are well executed with eye catching designs starting around $700.00, They also added a line called “Bar Cues.” The three-piece cues boost a less conspicuous design with the ability to shorten the length without disrupting the weight and balance of the cue. The finished price depends on the number of points & type of materials used for your design.

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  1. Chris Geary says:

    Yes I have seen the Barioni cue up close and I think it is one of the most beautiful cues I have ever seen. I have read all I can about this cue. From what people have said about the way it plays and the way it looks. I cannot wait until the one I ordered is ready. Each cue is a one of a kind cue no one looks like the other. I cannot wait to wip this out in front of my friends, and have them ask where in the hell did you get that cue. Like I said I’m waiting with baited breath, almost druling. I know if you have the money to spend on a custom cue you would be a fool not to try one of John’s cues. Thanks John keep working because I cannot wait to flip out when I get it. Thank you again. Chris. Rancho Mirage, CA

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